Fiberglass a new round of re-pricing landing, the industry boom may continue to repair

June 2-4, glass fiber industry three giants were released price resumption letter, the high-end varieties (wind power yarn and short-cut yarn) price resumption, glass fiber product prices continue to rise. Let’s run through the glass fiber price resumption of several important time nodes:

  • The first round of price resumption began in March, March 25 glass fiber enterprises collectively issued a price resumption letter, direct yarn resumption price of 200-400 yuan / ton, the combined yarn resumption price of 300-600 yuan / ton;
  • The second round of price resumption is April 13, China Jushi issued a fine thin cloth price resumption letter, G75 yarn resumption price of 400-600 yuan / ton, 7628 e-cloth resumption price of 0.2-0.3 yuan / meter, other manufacturers to follow the resumption of prices;
  • The third round of price resumption is May 17, Changhai shares issued a price adjustment letter, short-cut felt price increase of 300-400 yuan / ton; the same day, China Jushi issued a price resumption letter, short-cut felt resumption price of 300-600 yuan / ton;
  • The fourth round of re-pricing is June 2, China Jushi released a re-pricing letter, wind power yarn and short-cut raw silk products re-priced 10%; June 3, June 4, Taishan Glass Fiber, international compound materials were released price adjustment letter, wind power yarn, short-cut yarn price increase of 10%.

Now this round of medium and high-end varieties of price resumption, the core stems from the improvement of demand, the current price resumption has been extended from ordinary direct yarn to medium and high-end products. Although the channel inventory replenishment in May seemed to slow down, but the manufacturer inventory days is still overall stable, itself means the recovery of downstream demand. Based on the glass fiber supply and demand throughout the year, it is expected that the second half of the roving will continue to reduce inventory and price increases, and short-term will still see electronic cloth price increases.


From the downstream demand, thermoplastics, electronics, wind power related areas of good growth momentum, thermoplastic short-cutting, co-woven yarn year on year have achieved a substantial demand growth, automotive, photovoltaic, energy-saving windows and doors and other emerging areas, but also continue to explore the future of a larger space for development. It is believed that the glass fiber industry will open a new round of development opportunities under the drive of the relevant policies, and the industry boom or continue to repair.

Post time: Jun-07-2024