Functions Of General Manager:

1. Determine the advertising tone and guide the advertising strategy

2. Carry out public relations activities on behalf of unlimited creative advertising

3. Collect customers' feedback, guide and study market demand, and constantly adjust the business direction of the enterprise to make the enterprise develop continuously

4. Create unlimited creative advertising image

5. Ensure that unlimited creative advertising can provide services and corresponding products that meet the standards

6. Establish and improve working procedures and rules and regulations

7. Draw up the basic management system of unlimited creative advertising

Finance Department:

1. Process financial issues, taxation, business affairs, accounts payable; do credit investigation, credit judgment, financial statements.

2. Handle the social security and medical insurance matters of the company's employees and assist the administration department in paying employees' wages.

Engineering Department:

1. Participate in the analysis and research meeting of quality accidents and nonconforming products of the unit

2. Collect and sign the commencement report and quality inspection data of various projects timely

3. Carefully perform the quality supervision, inspection, evaluation and recording of engineering products and the whole construction process.

Technical Department:

1. Participate in the planning of product realization;

2. Participate in contract review and supplier evaluation;

3. Be responsible for the daily management of the quality management system, including internal audit;

4. Be responsible for product monitoring and measurement control;

5. Be responsible for monitoring and measuring the process of the quality management system;

6. Be responsible for data analysis and management and review of corrective and preventive measures.

General Management Department:

1. Organize business planning;  

2. Organize the implementation of standards;

3. Organize and carry out administration, logistics and administrative archives management;

4. Organize information management;

5. Do a good job in the management, support and service of the general contracting business philosophy enterprise;

6. Collect, sort out and manage various internal and external documents and materials related to the business of the Department;

Marketing Department:

1. Establish and improve the marketing information collection, processing, communication and confidentiality system.

2. New product launch planning

3. Plan and organize of promotional activities.

4. Implement brand planning and brand image construction.

5.  Make sales forecast and put forward the analysis, development direction and planning of future market.