Gathering at 2023 China (Shanghai) International Composites Show

Materials are the cornerstone of the development of human civilisation and the foundation of manufacturing. If China wants to realise the transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, it is crucial to upgrade the level of new materials technology and industry. Advanced composite materials (ACM) are increasingly used in aerospace, transport, machinery, construction and other industries by virtue of their designable properties, high specific performance and integration of material components.

KINGODA fiberglass

Composite materials are new material types that are prepared from two or more raw materials with an optimised combination of multiphase components with reinforcing and matrix phases. Straw reinforced mud earth bricks and reinforced concrete belong to the early composites, modern composites are developed in the late 1940s in response to the aerospace industry's requirements for structural lightweight. According to Prof Xiao, China started to research and develop such new materials more systematically from the 1960s of the last century, and for more than 40 years, China's advanced composite materials have always been an important field of national key development, which has been highly cared for and valued by the leaders of the Party and the State, and its research results have also fuelled the development of national science and technology.

"China International Composites Exhibition (CICEX) is the largest and most influential exhibition of composite materials in the Asia-Pacific region. Since its establishment in 1995, with the mission of promoting the prosperity and development of the composite materials industry, it has established long-term and good cooperative relations with the industry, academia, scientific research institutes, associations, media and relevant government departments, and endeavoured to build a professional online/offline platform for the whole industrial chain of composite materials in terms of technical communication, information exchange and personnel exchanges, which has become an important wind vane for the development of the composite materials industry in the world and has become famous both at home and abroad. Now it has become an important wind vane for the development of global composites industry and is well-known at home and abroad.

KINGODA will be presenting detailed information on its functional composites products at the China National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai) during the China International Composites Show (CICC) from 12-14 September 2023, welcome to visit us!

Post time: Sep-11-2023