New Year’s Update: As the world enters 2023, the festivities begin

New Year 2023 Live Stream: India and the world are celebrating and having fun in 2023 amid fears of a spike in Covid-19 cases in some countries. According to the modern Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Day is celebrated on January 1 of each year.
All over the world, people celebrate this event with family and friends, wishing them good luck and all the best for the coming year. Many places also witnessed mass gatherings as people said goodbye to the past year.
In his first public comment on COVID-19 on Saturday after his government reversed course three weeks ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for more efforts and unity as China’s approach to fighting the pandemic enters a “new phase.” The strict blocking and mass testing policy has been relaxed.
Kochi | New Year celebrations take place at Fort Kochi as part of the Kochi Carnival #Kerala
It’s 11:24 PM KST, Seoul. I welcome the new year 2023 to the Seoul Arts Center! A lot of people gather here to feel the festive atmosphere with classical sounds. #NewYear #Happy NewYear
UP | A huge number of tourists visited the Taj Mahal in Agra last night in 2022
While COVID-19 continues to cause death and frustration, especially in China, which is grappling with a surge in infections across the country after a sudden easing of anti-epidemic measures, countries have largely lifted quarantine requirements, restrictions on tourists and restrictions on ruthless testing. travel and where people can go.
Celebrations are taking place on the Great Wall in Beijing, and Shanghai authorities say traffic along the Waitan will be closed to allow pedestrians to gather on New Year’s Eve. Shanghai Disneyland will also welcome 2023 with special fireworks.
Indonesian soldiers stand guard on New Year’s Eve in the main business district of Jakarta, Indonesia, ahead of a celebration. Earlier, President Joko Widodo said they would lift all coronavirus-related restrictions across the country, almost three years after officials announced the country’s first confirmed case.
Sydney opened New Year’s Eve fireworks in early 2023. The Sydney Harbor Light Show starting at 21:00 is perfect for young revelers who find it difficult to stay up late and older ones too! #2023NewYear #NewYearsEveLive #Australia
Sydney kicks off the new year with more fireworks after earlier displays “inspired by land, sea and sky”.
The UK’s Chief Medical Officer told New Year’s Eve partygoers “not to drink too much” to take the strain off an overburdened health service. Sir Frank Atherton urged people to ‘act wisely’ as millions across the UK gear up for 2023.
“Everyone is excited about today’s fireworks. Unfortunately tickets for the event are sold out – if you don’t have tickets you won’t be able to get in,” he tweeted, reminding those without tickets that they can get in today. fireworks live on TV in the evening. The fireworks will take place at the London Eye and thousands of people are expected to watch from the Victoria Embankment.
New Year’s Eve 1944, Times Square, VE Day:
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a New Year’s Eve video broadcast on Russian state television that his country would never succumb to Western attempts to use Ukraine as a tool to destroy Russia.
Tokyo is still hours away from the 2023 call. However, footage from the Japanese capital shows volunteers distributing food to the homeless. In addition to sukiyaki lunch boxes, volunteers distributed bananas, onions, egg cartons and small hand warmers in the park. Cabins for medical and other information were installed.
In his first public comments on Covid-19 since the government reversed course and eased strict policies three weeks ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for stronger efforts and solidarity as the country’s approach to fighting the pandemic enters a “new phase” lockdowns and public events. test.
In Bali, Indonesia, a cultural parade of dancers takes place in Denpasar. The images show Balinese dancers in traditional costumes performing to the crowd as they prepare for 2023.
The Malaysian government has canceled the New Year’s countdown and fireworks display at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur after nationwide flooding displaced tens of thousands of people this month and landslides claimed the lives of 31 people.
The country’s well-known Petronas Twin Towers said they would cut back on the number of celebrations and hold no shows or fireworks.
Authorities in military-run Myanmar have announced a suspension of the usual four-hour curfew in the country’s three largest cities to allow residents to celebrate New Year’s Eve. However, opponents of army rule urged people to avoid public gatherings, saying authorities could blame them for bombings or other attacks.
Celebrations are taking place on the Great Wall in Beijing, and Shanghai authorities say traffic along the Waitan will be closed to allow pedestrians to gather on New Year’s Eve. Shanghai Disneyland will also welcome 2023 with special fireworks.
#WATCH | New Zealanders celebrate the New Year 2023 with fireworks and a light show. Visuals from Auckland. #NewYear2023 (Source: Reuters)
It takes place three hours before midnight so that younger children can join in the bedtime celebration.
The longest-reigning British monarch, Elizabeth II, passed away on September 8 this year, marking the end of an era. Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle, one of the late Queen’s favorite here
The day before the countdown to the world-famous New Year’s Eve “ball fall” in New York City, the number 2023 has arrived in Times Square and it’s done.
2023 will not be an easy year, but the government I lead will always keep your priorities at the forefront. My new year message

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