The Price of Fiberglass Overview on March and They Are Increasing from April 2024

In March 2024, the main product of domestic glass fiber enterprises are as follows: 2400tex ECDR direct roving average price of about 3200 yuan/ton, 2400tex panel roving average price of about 3375 yuan/ton, 2400tex SMC roving (structural level) average price of about 3770 yuan/ton, 2400tex spray up roving average price of about 5900 yuan/ton. The average price of G75 electronic yarn is about 7420 yuan/ton, and the average price of 7628 electronic cloth is about 3.4 yuan/meter.

The prices of all kinds of roving are expected to increase by 300~500 yuan/ton in April 2024.

April 2023 - March 2024 some fiberglass and its product prices


Post time: Apr-11-2024