Top Quantity 300tex 400tex 500tex 600tex 1200Tex 2400Tex 4800Tex Fiberglass Direct Roving

Short Description:

Top Quantity Fiberglass Direct Roving Fiberglass  as per the different application, there are filament winding roving,pultrusion roving, weaving roving, thermoplastics roving, LFT roving.Linear density can be customized as standard types are 200tex 300tex, 500tex 600tex, 900tex, 1200tex, 2400tex, 4800tex, 9600tex etc..

Quick Details:

  • Type: E-glass
  • Moister: <0.1%
  • Tensile modulus: >70Gpa
  • Technology: Furnaces drawing
  • Tex: 100-9600

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Product Application

Top Quantity  Fiberglass Direct Roving  Taishan Fiberglass is suitable for skyscraping bursting strength and endure tiredness capability request,suitable for high pressure pipes and pressure containers and series of insulated tube and high/low voltage in the eletricfield. Widely used for tent pole,FRP doors and windows etc.

Specification and Physical Properties

Series NO. Propeties Testing Standard Typical Values
1 Appearence Visual Inspection at a distance of 0.5m Qualified
2 Fiberglass Diameter ISO1888 nominal value±1
3 Roving Density(Tex) ISO1889 nominal value±5%
4 Moister Content(%) ISO1887 <0.1%
5 Density -- 2.4
6 Tensile Strength ISO3341  >2000Tex     >0.3N/Tex 

<2000Tex      >0.35N/Tex

7 Tensile Modulus ISO11566 >70
8 Fiberglass Type GBT1549--2008 E Glass
9 Coupling Agentt -- Silane

Product Features:
1. Low frequency in machine clean-up
2. Fast and complete wet-out.
3. High mechanical strength
4. Even tension,excellent chopped performance and dispersion,good flow ability under mold press.     


Each roll of roving is wrapped by shrinkage packing or tacky-pack, then put into pallet or carton box, 48 rolls or 64 rolls each pallet.
Delivery Detail:7-15 days after receive the advance payment.

Fiberglass roving

Product Storage and Transportation 

Each bobbin is wrapped by a PVC shrink bag. If required, each bobbin could be packed into a suitable cardboard box. Each pallet contains 3 or 4 layers, and each layers contain 16 bobbins (4*4).  Each 20ft container normally loads 10 small pallets (3layers) and 10 big pallets (4 layers).  The bobbins in the pallet could be singly piled or be connected as start to end by air spliced or by manual knots;

Delivery: 3-30days after order.

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