Fiberglass Woven Roving High Quality Fiberglass Fabric Cloth

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Fiberglass Fabric Woven Roving Fiberglass Fabric is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. It’s widely used in hand lay up, mold press, GRP forming process and robot processes to manufacture boats, vessels, plane, automobile parts etc.

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Specification and Physical Properties

Fiberglass Woven Roving (Fiberglass Fabric, No Twist Roving Fabric,04 Fiberglass Woven Roving, Medium Alkali Fiberglass Woven Roving, Alkali Free Fiberglass Woven Roving) Fiberglass Dense Fabrics.

Uses: Fiberglass Woven Roving is a durable industrial material with stable structure, fireproof, high temperature resistance, good heat dissipation and corrosion resistance, which is mainly used for FRP products; it is formulated with selected resins and models, and has the features of pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, light weight, high strength, seepage prevention, heat insulation, non-toxicity, and smooth surface, etc., and it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, electric power, transportation, It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, electric power, transportation, foodstuff, brewing, artificial synthesis, water supply and drainage, seawater desalination, water conservancy and irrigation industries.

Moderate alkali glass fiber fabric

Medium-alkali glass fiber fabric (referred to as medium-alkali fabric) is woven with medium-alkali yarns, and is suitable for fiberglass fiber reinforced plastic base fabric, plastic-coated and glued base fabric, asphalt linoleum base fabric, air duct base cloth, waterproof fabric and pipe wrapping fabric, wallpapering base fabric, acidic filtering fabrics, reinforcing mesh and TV projection screen fabrics, and so on. Medium alkali fabric adopts sodium calcium silicate glass composition, the content of alkali metal oxides is 12±0.4%, such as the replacement of other types of impregnating agent or change the content, by the negotiation between the supply and demand sides to decide.

Alkali-free glass fiber fabric

It is suitable to be used as reinforcing material for electric insulating mica products, electric insulating varnish fabric and glass fiber reinforced plastic. Alkali-free fabric is made of aluminum borosilicate glass, and the content of alkali metal oxides is not more than 0.8%. When drawing glass fiber roving, paraffin emulsion is used to make infiltration agent, the content of which is not more than 2.2%. In case of changing other types of impregnating agent or changing the content, it is decided by the negotiation between the supplying and demanding parties.



Fiberglass Woven roving could be produced into different widths, each roll is wound on a suitable cardboard tubes with inside diameter of 100mm, then put into a polyethylene bag, fastened the bag entrance and packed into a suitable cardboard box.

Product Storage and Transportation 

Unless otherwise specified, the fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool and moisture proof area. Best used within 12 months after production date. They should remain in their original packaging until just prior to use. Fiberglass Woven roving are suitable for delivery by the way of ship, train, or truck. 

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