Factory Wholesale Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber Roving AR Roving For GRC with ZrO2 Above 16.5%

Short Description:

  • Alkali resistant assemble roving
  • Good chopability
  • Good compatibility with cement
  • Good mechanical property
  • Excellent dispersion
  • high durability for GRC


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Advantages and Benefits


• Excellent workability
• High Dispersion : 200 million filaments per kg in fiber length 12 mm
• Invisible on the finished surface
• Does not corrode
• Control and prevention of cracking in fresh concrete
• Overall enhancement of durability and mechanical properties of concrete
• Effective at very low dosage
• Homogeneous mix
• Safe and easy to handle


• Electrical Conductivity: Very low
• Specific Gravity: 2.68 g/cm3
• Material: Alkali Resistant Glass
• Softening point: 860°C - 1580°F
• Chemical Resistance: Very high
• Modulus of elasticity: 72 GPa -10x106 psi
• Tensile Strength: 1,700 MPa - 250 x 103 psi

Product Application

This engineered Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber AR-glass Roving designed for mixing in concrete and all hydraulic mortars.
The fibers are typically used at low addition level to prevent cracking & improve the performance of concrete, flooring, renders or other special mortar mixes. They incorporate easily into mixes creating a tridimensional homogeneous network of reinforcement in the matrix.
The fibers can be added at the central mixing plant to the wet concrete mix or directly into the ready-mix truck. The fibers do not protrude through the surface and require no additional finishing procedures. The reinforcement is incorporated in the concrete mass and is invisible on the finished surface.


Each rolls is approximately 18KG, 48/64 rolls a tray, 48 rolls are 3 floors and 64 rolls are 4 floors. The 20-foot container holds about 22 tons.

Product Storage and Transportation 

Unless otherwise specified, the fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool and moisture proof area. Best used within 12 months after production date. They should remain in their original packaging until just prior to use. The products are suitable for delivery by the way of ship, train, or truck. 

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