FRP Products Continuous Filament Mat 1040 1270 1520mm Width

Short Description:

  • Technique:Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat (CSM)
  • Fiberglass Type:E-glass
  • MOQ:100m
  • Moisture content:≤0.2%
  • Weight:100-900g/㎡
  • Width:1040 1270 1520mm
  • Compatible resin:UP,VE,EP,PF resins
Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Wholesale, Trade

: T/T, L/C, PayPal
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Code Weight/m2 width package
EMC 300g/m2 1040mm 32KG/roll
EMC 450g/m2 1040mm 32kg/roll

* Best fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat and chopped strand supply in China, fiberglass chopped strand mat production line for composite material with  excellent performance and steady in quality.fiberglass chopped strand mat for FRP productions
* Well-known in FRP forming process and application keeps our products more outstanding and humanized

* Professional and experienced staff makes our production line more efficient and contineous improvement

* Good management makes our product more competitive in turn out and prices

* More than 10 years experience in composite material supplying and vacuum infusion process solutions

Product Information

Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat is a complex mat made by stitching fiberglass Woven Roving and Chopped fibers. The continuous roving is cut to a certain length and dropped nondirectionally on the surface of woven roving, sometimes on both sides of woven roving. The combination of woven roving and chopped fibers is stitched together by organic fibers to produce combo mat.

It’s compatible with UP, vinyl-ester, phenolic and epoxy resin systems. Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat  is great for quick laminated build-up and results in high strength.
Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat  is widely applied in FRP pultrusion, hand lay-up, and RTM processes to manufacture FRP boat hulls, car body, panel & sheets, cooling parts & doors, and various profiles.
Product Benefits:
1、No binder used.
2、Excellent and fast wet out in resins.
3、Assorted fiber alignment, high strength.
4、Regular interspacing, good
for resin flow and impregnation.
5、Excellent stability to improve efficiency.

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