High Purity Selenium 99.999% 99.9999% 5n 6n Selenium Metal Price Selenium Powder

Short Description:

Application:to make selenium compounds
Shape:concave shape selenium granule
Material:selenium granulated 99.999%
Chemical Composition:Selenium
Appearance:metallic gray or black granules
CAS No:7782-49-2
Purity:99.999%, 99.9999%
Grade:Industrail Grade

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Wholesale, Trade,


Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal


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Selenium granules

Product Application

Selenium is used in industries such as electronics, glass, metallurgy, chemicals, healthcare, agriculture, etc., with greater selenium consumption in the glass manufacturing, electronics, chemicals, and metallurgy industries, and less in other industries. With the emergence of substitutes for selenium in the electronics and battery industries, selenium consumption in this area will decline, while selenium in the glass manufacturing industry has not been a better alternative, so demand will continue to rise.
Selenium and its compounds are often used as catalysts, vulcanising agents and antioxidants. Selenium as a catalyst has the advantages of mild reaction conditions, low cost, low environmental pollution, and convenient post-treatment, such as mono selenium is the catalyst in the preparation of mono sulphur in the sulphite reaction. Selenium is often used as a vulcanising agent in rubber production to enhance the abrasion resistance of rubber.
Selenium has photosensitive and semiconductor properties, often used in the electronics industry to manufacture photocells, photoreceptors, laser devices, infrared controllers, phototubes, photoresistors, optical instruments, photometers, rectifiers and so on. The application of selenium in the electronic industry accounts for about 30% of the total demand. High purity selenium (99.99%) and selenium alloys are the main light absorbing media in photocopiers and are used in the photoreceptors of plain paper photocopiers and laser printers. An important feature of grey selenium is that it has typical semiconductor properties and can be used for radio wave detection and rectification. Selenium rectifiers are characterised by load resistance, high temperature resistance and good electrical stability.

Specification and Physical Properties



  Physical property: atomic number is 34,atomic weight is 78.89.Density is 4.81g/cm3,melting point is 217℃,boiling point is 684.9℃.Selenium is a solid with gray  metallic luster.
Chemical property: Selenium can burn in air and sent out blue flame, generate two selenium oxide.Iit can also react with metal or non-metal directly, including hydrogen and halogen,but it can not react with inoxidability acid.



Total impurity content



Application Selenium is primarily used in the material of toner cartridge , photoelectric material, electrostatic photograph and other materials of optical instrument.



Selenium granules is packed in paper bags with composite plastic film, 5kg per bag, and then put on the pallet, 1000kg per pallet. the stacking height of the pallet is not more than 2 layers.

Product Storage and Transportation 

Unless otherwise specified, the selenium granules products should be stored in a dry, cool and moisture proof area. Best used within 12 months after production date. They should remain in their original packaging until just prior to use. The products are suitable for delivery by the way of ship, train, or truck. 

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