High Quality Polyester Resins for Glass Fiber Production

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- Polyester resins for glass fiber production
- Provides excellent adhesion and strength to fiberglass products
- Resistant to water, heat and chemicals
- Can be customized to meet specific application requirements
- KINGODA manufactures high quality polyester resins at competitive prices.

CAS No.:26123-45-5
Other Names:Unsaturated polyester DC 191 frp resin
Condition:100% tested and working
Hardener Mixing Ratio:1.5%-2.0% of Unsaturated polyester
Accelerator Mixing Ratio:0.8%-1.5% of Unsaturated polyester
Gel time:6-18 minutes
shelf time:3 months

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Our polyester resins are specially formulated for the production of high-quality fiberglass products such as boats, automotive parts and industrial structures. It provides excellent adhesion and strength, making it ideal for fiberglass reinforcement.

Water, heat and chemical resistance:
Our polyester resins are highly resistant to water, heat and chemicals, ensuring fiberglass products retain their strength and integrity even in harsh environments. The resin offers excellent water, heat and chemical resistance to extend the life of fiberglass products.

Can be customized to meet specific application requirements:
We understand that different applications require different material specifications. That's why we offer customizable polyester resin solutions, ensuring we meet each customer's specific requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Specification and Physical Properties

Name DC191 resin( FRP) resin
Feature1 low shrinkage
Feature2 high strength and good comprehensive propertie
Feature3 good processability
Application glassfiber reinforced plastic products, large sculptures, small fishing boats, FRP tanks and pipes
performance parameter unit standard test
Appearance Transparent yellow liquid - Visual
Acid value 15-23 mgKOH/g GB/T 2895-2008
Solid content 61-67 % GB/T 7193-2008
Viscosity25℃ 0.26-0.44 pa.s GB/T 7193-2008
stability80℃ ≥24 h GB/T 7193-2008
Typical curing properties 25 ° C water bath, 100g resin plus 2ml methyl ethyl ketone peroxide solution and 4ml cobalt isooctanoate solution - -
Gel time 14-26 min GB/T 7193-2008

KINGDODA manufactures high quality polyester resins:
As a reputed Manufacturer of Industrial Products, we pride ourselves on producing top quality Polyester Resins at competitive prices. Our products are manufactured under stringent quality control processes, ensuring that the resins produced consistently meet high industry standards.

Our polyester resins for fiberglass production are high-performance solutions that provide exceptional strength, adhesion and resistance to water, heat and chemicals. We offer customizable product solutions to meet a variety of application needs, making us the ideal partner for your fiberglass production needs. Our competitive pricing and delivery services set us apart in the industry. Contact KINGDODA today to learn more about our products and how we can help you achieve your fiberglass production goals.

Package & Storage

The resin should be stored at room temperature. Excessive temperatures may cause the resin to decompose or deteriorate, and the ideal storage temperature range is 15~25°C. If the resin needs to be stored at higher temperatures, appropriate protective measures should be considered.
Some resins are light sensitive and prolonged exposure to sunlight or bright light may cause them to decompose or change colour.
Moisture can cause resin to swell, deteriorate and caking, so the storage environment should be dry in terms of humidity.
Oxygen accelerates the oxidation and deterioration process of the resin, storage should avoid contact with air and consider storing it sealed.
The resin's inner and outer packaging can effectively protect it from contamination, loss, and moisture loss. The resin should be stored indoors, avoiding extreme temperature environments.
The resin contains a certain amount of water and should not be stored in the open air. It should be kept moist during storage and transport to avoid air drying and dehydration.

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