Best Price E Glass Fiber Yarn 134 Tex for Weaving Cloth

Short Description:

  • Type:E-glass
  • Yarn Structure:Single Yarn
  • Tex Count:134 tex
  • Moister content:<0.1%
  • Tensile modulus:>70
  • Tensile strength:>0.6N/Tex
  • Density:2.6g/cm3
  • Roving Density:1.7±0.1
Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Wholesale, Trade

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Fiberglass Yarn is electrical insulation materials,electronic industrial fabrics,tubes and other industrial fabric raw materials. It is widely used for circuit board,weaving all kinds of fabrics in the scope of reinforcement,insulation,corrosion resistance,heat resistance and so on.

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Product Specifications

Series NO. Propeties Testing Standard Typical Values
1 Appearence Visual Inspection at a distance of 0.5m Qualified
2 Fiberglass Diameter ISO1888 4
3 Roving Density ISO1889 1.7±0.1
4 Moister Content(%) ISO1887 <0.1%
5 Density -- 2.6
6 Tensile Strength ISO3341 >0.6N/Tex
7 Tensile Modulus ISO11566 >70
9 Surface Treatment -- Y5

Product Features

1. Good use in process,low fuzz

2. Excellent linear density

3. It has the properties of insulation, fireproof and softness

4. Twists and diameters of filament depend on customers' requirements


The product is widely used in weaving for glass mesh, electric inulation fiberglass cloth and other application, including transportation, aeropace, military and electrical markets.

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