Glass Fiber Reinforced Pet Laminate Aluminum Foil Coated Fiberglass Cloth Tape

Short Description:

fabric thickness::0.2mm
width:40inch and 60 inch
type:Other Heat Insulation Materials
aluminum foil thickness:7micron, 18micron

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Aluminum Foil Coated Fiberglass Cloth
Aluminum Foil Coated Fiberglass

Product Application

Aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth adopts unique advanced composite technology, with the composite aluminium foil surface smooth and flat, high light reflectivity, high longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, impermeable, impermeable sealing performance.

1.aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth is made of glass fiber mesh cloth and aluminium foil composite, which can effectively waterproof, moisture-proof and heat insulation. In the field of construction, it is often used for waterproof and heat-insulating treatment on roofs, external walls, attics and other parts. It has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and can maintain stable performance for a long time.

2. Conductive and shielding. Aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth has good conductivity and can be used for electromagnetic wave shielding. It is usually used for shielding and protection of electronic circuits in automobiles and electronic devices, which can effectively reduce the interference of electromagnetic wave and ensure the normal use of electronic devices.

3. Fire and corrosion resistance. Aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth consists of aluminium foil and fiberglass, which can resist high temperature and fire. Its material can not be deformed under high temperature, and can play a certain role of heat insulation and protection in the fire. Moreover, the aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of acid, alkali and other chemicals, so that aluminum foil coated fiberglass cloth can be used for a long time under the environment of the ocean, aircraft and so on.

Specification and Physical Properties

Weight 640 ± 30 g/m2 18.82 ± 0.88 oz/yd2
Thickness 0.75 ± 0.04 mm 0.03 ± 0.0002 inch
Color Silver
Fire Resistance Non-combustible
Temp Resistance Glass fabric up to  550℃ (1000℉)

Aluminum foil up to 1400C (3000F)

The combination of laminating an aluminum metallic/film heat shield to a layer of protective fiberglass insulation protects personnel or equipments by reflecting radiant heat. Suntex uses the high temperature adhesive to ensure the maximum working temperature up to 150 degree.

1. Excellent anti-corrosion property 

2. Great Heat Insulation property

3. Low water vapor permeability


PVC bag or shrink packaging as the inner packing then into cartons or pallets, packing in cartons or in pallets or as requested, conventional packing 1m*50m/rolls, 4 rolls/cartons, 1300 rolls in a 20ft, 2700 rolls in a 40ft. The product is suitable for delivery by the way of ship, train, or truck.

Product Storage and Transportation 

Unless otherwise specified, the fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool and moisture proof area. Best used within 12 months after production date. They should remain in their original packaging until just prior to use. The products are suitable for delivery by the way of ship, train, or truck. 


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