Marine fiberglass woven rovings – Durable and high-strength reinforcements

Short Description:

- Fiberglass woven rovings for boat reinforcement
- Durable, high strength, lightweight
- Can be customized to meet specific boat design requirements
- Competitive pricing and great customer service from KINGDODA.

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Wholesale, Trade

Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal

Our factory has been producing fiberglass since 1999,We want to be your best choice and your absolutely reliable business partner.

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Glass fiber woven roving
Fiberglass woven roving

Product Application

Glass Fiber Woven Roving for Ship Reinforcement:
Our fiberglass woven rovings are specially designed for boat reinforcement. Its outstanding strength, durability and light weight properties make it ideal for marine applications. Our fiberglass woven rovings are able to withstand heavy loads and help maintain the structural integrity of your boat.

Can be customized to meet specific boat design requirements:
At KINGDODA, we understand the different requirements of different vessel designs. Our fiberglass woven rovings can be customized to meet specific boat design requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and provide tailor-made solutions to meet their exact requirements.

Durable, high strength and light weight:
Our fiberglass woven rovings are made from high-strength fiberglass for exceptional durability and strength, making them resistant to wear and tear. It is also lightweight, helping to reduce the overall weight of the boat and improve its performance.

High-quality fiberglass woven roving:
At KINGDODA, we are committed to producing high quality Fiberglass Woven Roving at competitive prices. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control measures to ensure consistent quality throughout our production process. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service, competitive prices and prompt delivery.

KINGDODA is a leading producer of high-quality fiberglass woven rovings designed for boat reinforcement. In this product description we detail the benefits of our fiberglass woven roving and how it can help increase the strength and durability of your boat.
Our fiberglass woven roving for boat reinforcement is a high performance solution with excellent strength, durability and light weight properties making it ideal for marine applications. With our customizable solutions, quality products and exceptional customer service, we are the ideal partner for your boat strengthening needs. Contact KINGDODA today to learn more about our products.

Specification and Physical Properties

Product Features

1. Well-distributed, even tensile strength, good vertical performance.
2. Fast impregnation, good moulding property, easily removing air bubbles.

3. High mechanical strength, less strength loss in wet condition.


Woven roving could be produced into different widths,each roll is wound on a sultable cardboard tubes with inside diameter of 100mm,then put into a polythylene bag,fastened the bag entrance and packed into a sultable cardboard box.

Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receive the advance payment

Shipping: by sea or by air

Product Storage and Transportation 

Unless otherwise specified, the fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool and moisture proof area. Best used within 12 months after production date. They should remain in their original packaging until just prior to use. The products are suitable for delivery by the way of ship, train, or truck. 

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